Monday, October 4, 2010

What we are reading....Nikki

The Dead Travel Fast - Deanna Raybourn (MIRA)

Looks like Deanna Raybourn needed a break from Julia and Nicholas (her Silent in the… series) and unraveling the mysteries of the Ton, so she’s transported us all to Romania and dipped her toe in all things paranormal. The Dead Travel Fast was a wonderfully readable and thoroughly engaging story about a budding authoress, Theodora Lestrange, who (as is Deanna’s want with heroines) doesn’t really fit in polite English society. So she brushes off a hapless suitor and irritating brother takes herself to the furthest flung corner of Europe to research a book. Smart girl.

I think it’s a credit to Raybourn’s worldbuilding and characterization that despite the fact that I did rather see where the story was going from about the half-way point I didn’t really mind (sorry, no more in the interests of spoilers). I was very happily along for the journey. Theodora is an absolute gonner for the brooding and misunderstood Count Andrei who’s terribly Heathcliffe and interesting throughout. With a raft of gothic and appealing characters (even the baddies) The Dead Travel Fast was a delightful stand-alone detour.

What I’m reading next…? I’ve just started Christina Phillips’ Forbidden (Berkley Heat). Mental note to self, don’t start a historical erotica at the hair dressers…there’s no where to hide the blushes… But so far, so fabulous. Really enjoying the period and the Druid/Centurion pairing (no, not that pairing although I expect that, when I get there, to be inciendery). Stay tuned.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Love the review Nikki. And yes, I have just received Christina's book in the mail. I'm trying to decide if it should be my next reward book.

Kylie Griffin said...

Hi Nikki, don't you love to curl up with a good book? I've just finished reading THE DARKEST EDGE OF DAWN by Kelly Gay (Bk2 in the Charlie Madigan urban fantasy series).

Next on my list is FORBIDDEN by our own Christina Phillips - can't wait! But I'm using it as an incentive to see if I can write 10000 words this week on my WIP.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Hi Kylie, I do that too - using books as 'reward' books or incentive as you say. Good luck with it.

Nikki Logan said...

Kylie - I do!! And the curling is a big part of it. Can't sit in a chair and read for long, but I'd read all day curled into the sofa if I could.

I finished Forbidden in two sessions (only cos I had to sleep!) you'll love it. A wonderful blend of history, fantasy and romance.

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