Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More made up terms

As well as my frequently recurring attachment disorder (failure to attach files to emails), I also suffer from two other problems that occur frequently enough to need a name.

The first is my penchant for having to drive around the block because I can't remember if I put the garage door down. I do this about three times a week, and more often if life is hectic. My feeble attempts to name this syndrome (having failed to find anything on google):
  • Remote Revisit Disorder
  • Un-controll-a-dooring
The fabulous Nikki Logan wanted to play as well and I think she wins on sheer originality:
  • Double-check Descent Disorder (DDD)
Interestingly, someone has invented a gadget that detects the door hasn't gone down within a specified time frame, and auto-triggers the remote to close the door. I figure I might put that on my Christmas list.

My second problem - revisiting the car to check I've locked it. Showing I have a complete inability to learn from experience, this tends to happen on the days when the DDD (above) is playing up. Having driven back around the block (through all the roundabouts and speedbumps) and discovered the door was actually down, I'm now running late. I get to the carpark and leave the car. Two minutes later, I'm back to check I've locked it. And of course its locked!

I think I'm going to group all these minor inconveniences into one general term:
  • Distraction Disordered - adjective - describes someone whose day to day functioning is compromised by having their head in the clouds.
What do you think?


Danielle Ferries said...

I have "did I turn the fan off disorder" and "did I turn the coffee machine off disorder". Many a time I've gone back inside to double check.

Eleni Konstantine said...

I have a 'got my phone?' disorder.... so we all have something we constantly check I think.

And yes, I think it classifies as distraction disorder - I DEFINITELY have my head in the clouds. :))

Fiona G said...

Hi Danielle

My appliance is the iron. Now I have an iron that self turns off if there's no movement in 10 minutes.

Where are my keys?? This morning, before I could even get to the garage door, there was the search for the keys. Everyone was rolling their eyes...


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