Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Attachment Disorder

Yesterday I sent an email minus its attachment. Today I received a request for a writing look over (one step down from a critique) minus its file, and not for the first time I wondered if there was a word for this. So I googled and thanks to the good folks at Urban Dictionary ( ) I have the following candidates:

Forattachment: The act of forgetting to attach a file to an email.

Forgetfileness: The act of forgetting to attach a file to an email.

Attachment Disorder: Suffered by people who forget to attach files to emails

Attachmentally Challenged: A politically correct way to say attachment disorder

Attachless: Used to describe an email minus its attachments

Attachmiss: Verb to describe the act of failure to attach.

I'm sure if I kept looking I'd find a million different terms but my current favourite is attachment disorder. What's yours?


Eleni Konstantine said...

LOL - and I'm the said person who forgot to attach too. I like attachment disorder, though I'm leaning towards Forgetfileness. LOL. Can't believe there is a term for this.

Fiona G said...


I like forgetfileness too. I've got forgetfileness sounds a lot more tongue in cheek than I've got attachement disorder.


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