Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome week four in the Month of Positivism

Well, nearly a whole month passed with the conference ahead just around the corner. Now *that* should definitely inspire positivism for the lucky ones attending. For you first timers, well, this will be my eighth conference so I am speaking from experience when I say by Sunday evening your brain will be buzzing and you’ll be desperate to get home and write, write, write.

Ok, now for our fourth and final task:

Sometime over the next seven days you are going to skip to the end of your current unfinished work in progress and write the final scene and then you are going to write the words THE END.

Is this cheating? Of course it isn’t. You still have to go back and write the middle bit.

What does it have to do with positivism? Well, for those of you struggling with a hazy plot or a sagging middle or a difficult scene, perhaps this exercise will give you a little boost, which is exactly what a happy-ever-after ending is supposed to do. Just writing the words THE END has got to make you feel good and positively inspired to go back and fill in the missing bits.

And don’t forget:-

I *am* a great writer
I am a *great* writer
I am a great *writer*


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