Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome to Week Three in our Month of Positivism

Can you believe it, week three already? I hope the month has been good for you all so far and you are fairly bursting with enthusiasm and positivism.

Now, since the first two tasks have been aimed at banishing negativity, the last two tasks will be about promoting positivity. I think you will enjoy them, especially task three.

Task Three –

You have seven days in which to get hold of *the* book that most inspired your writing-self. I know most writers write instinctively from an early age. So I am talking about the book which inspired you to make the conscious decision not just to write but to become a writer. It doesn’t have to be a romance, or even an adult book. It just has to be the book that when you closed the last page you remember heaving a great sigh and thinking, I am going to write a story that makes people feel exactly how I feel now right now.

The purpose of this task? To remind you of that crystal clear moment when you knew you could do it and decided to get on with it - become a great writer, that is.

Have fun,

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