Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to Week Two in our Month of Positivism

I have to say I am very proud of you all for meeting the first challenge so well. I did not expect it to be received so enthusiastically.

Now for Task Number Two –

Ladies, you have seven days in which to take up something you have been avoiding and get it completed. Whether it’s something you’ve been putting off because you just have not had the time or whether you have been avoiding it because you know it is going to be awkward, difficult or unpleasant.

Perhaps every time you open your email folder that Christmas email from Cousin Diana that you never got around to answering is still sitting there, and now it is seven months on you know too much time has passed and yet that guilty conscience will not let you delete it. This week you will write a wonderful news-worthy email to Cousin Diana.

Perhaps every time you open the fridge you see that three month old tub of cream cheese or the shriveled sprouts in the crisper drawer or the little dried pool of spilled milk that has gone all flakey. You have seven days in which to make your fridge shine, or your oven gleam…

Perhaps you are already a month late making that dentist appointment, or you need a hair cut but just don’t have the time. This week you will find the time to make that appointment.

Perhaps you have reached a difficult scene in your story and suddenly your house is glowing because you can’t face having to write that difficult scene. This week that scene gets written, or that nuisance bit of research you have been putting off gets done…

Well, you get the picture *g*

What has this to do with positivism and writing? Well, for a start we are going to feel good for accomplishing something we have been stumbling over for days, weeks or months, even. That troublesome task will no longer exist.

Roadblocks that may not stop us writing but which exist permanently at the edge of our conscience wasting precious writing energy on guilt, even undermining our self –worth for allowing these small things to get the better of us. We can only fool ourselves for so long into believing they don’t matter when, deep down, we know they will be there every time we turn around until we take charge and make them go away.

Good luck, ladies. I know you will make me proud.

~ Alison, Mistress of Positivism

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Eleni Konstantine said...

Yes, have been doing those little bits and pieces have been putting off or was too busy to do - making appointments, attending appointments, catching up with friends and family haven't seen in awhile, ironing (oh yes, the glamour!), clearing out some emails, and catching up on sleep.

Thanks for the motivation Alison :)

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