Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrating our Achievements

At my work, we have a new standing agenda item on every meeting in the organisation. It's called Celebrating our Achievements, and every meeting must start by mentioning and celebrating positive achievements by our staff.

So, I am rolling out "Celebrating our Achievements" to the Bootcampers. As 2010 comes to a close its important we celebrate the great work our writers have done over the year. When I put the call out to the Bootcampers to give me their achievements, I had a great response. Congratulations to all on their achievements in 2010, some of which are listed below.

Eleni Konstantine
  • Healer’s Destiny - polished, submitted to agents and entered into 4 competitions.
  • Registrar for Romancing the Novel.
  • Attended Coogee Conference – pitched to agent and editor
  • Attended BootiCon!
  • Obtained funding to help with Coogee costs.
  • Attended WorldCon
  • Entered 2 short story competitions. (one a brand new story)
  • Submitted short stories to markets.
  • Wrote one new short story needing work.
  • Dream Tamer – first draft completed.
  • Presented a Blogging Workshop at the Writers’ Centre
  • Won the Little Gems cover contest
  • Focusing more on writing and less volunteer work.
  • Published on Antipodean SF, November issue with ‘The Bucket"
  • Mirror, Mirror flash fiction accepted for publication by Mindflights e-zine
  • Undertook Bob Mayer course via RWNZ
  • Reading – lots done and a range of different genres/subgenres. Fun.
  • Nominated for the Lynne Wilding Meritorious Service Award.
Goals for 2011
  • Edit – DreamTamer, Gateway to Hell, Clown story, sanctuary sci-fi story (for Aus anthology)
  • Write – Shadow novella, Lady & the Dragon, short story for MZB’s Sword & Sorcery anthology
  • Read resources on writing I have on my shelf.
  • Overhall website
  • Enter Little Gems Short Story
  • Enter Little Gems cover contest
  • Submit once stories are polished :) Hoping to sumbit one novel, two novellas and 6 short stories.
Dana’s Achievements for 2010
  • completed two more semesters of uni (only four more to go!)
  • finished a synopsis for Believe in Fairy Tales
  • entered the STALI
  • entered HM&B’s New Voices comp
  • started a new manuscript in a new genre
  • learned heaps through Bootcamp, Breathless in the Bush, the RWA’s Perth Roadshow, and the RWA’s 2010 Sydney conference
  • pitched to and editor and an agent (got requests from both)
  • studied a new writing topic every two months
  • built on and founded new relationships with other writers

Nikki Logan
A whole bunch of firsts for me this year...
  • Saw my first book on the shelves (Feb 2010, and then quickly followed it up with two more and a novella before the end of 2010).
  • Signed a contract for books 7-9.
  • Got my first royalty cheque
  • Entered the RITA for the first time (didn't final though)
  • Did my first general public romance writing workshop and RWA workshop

Tracey's achievements for 2010:
  • Made the second round of the Emerald award.
  • Finishing TAFE course.
  • Attended Coogee conference, with successful pitch to Harlequin.
  • Entered my first international writing contest.

Fiona's 2010
  • Entered the 2010 Little Gems Short Story Competition, and story was accepted for publication in the anthology
  • Entered the 2010Valerie Parv Award and received good feedback
  • Entered the 2011 Emerald Award, waiting….
  • Attended the RWA conference and Booticon and met all of the Bootcampers
  • Managed the RWA Group Grants Scheme
  • Volunteered as Editor on work newsletter and published six editions

I'm sure everyone will agree this is a FABULOUS list of achievements. Congratulations to all. As 2010 draws to a close, and thoughts turn to New Years, I urge you to make a list of writing goals for 2011, then in December next year, you too will be celebrating the year's achievements.
Happy writing in 2011 everyone.


Eleni Konstantine said...

It's really great when we list achievements and realised how much you have done. I didn't realise it as I was going along. It was when I compiled this list that I, not a bad effort for 2010.

And since I wrote this, I am actually ahead of next year's goals. I've written a skeleton draft of my Shadow novella.

Congrats to my fellow Bootcampers on achieving their goals. It's wonderful to see all the good news floating on our loop :)

Rachael Johns said...

Fabulous lists of achievements 101ers!

Mel Teshco said...

What a great list their ladies, loads of acheivements!!
Not a bad idea to remember the flashing by that was 2010!!

Fiona G said...

Hi everyone, thanks for the comments. It is pretty special isn't it. Next up we'll be setting our writing new years resolutions and working our way towards them.

anna said...
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