Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wild Weather

The Eastern seaboard of Australia has been experiencing some wild weather in this last week - torrential rain, gale force winds and down south - snow.

We're the proud custodians of a block of land a few hours from the city, with a river running down one boundary. When I say river, I should say river-bed, because it doesn't run all that often. When we bought the land we asked the real estate agent if there was any possibility of being flooded in. He raised his eyes skywards (probably praying for patience) and drawled "Darl, we'd have to get some rain first." We took that to mean no and signed on the dotted line.

Since that time we've had four major floods, the most recent is happening right now. In town, we jump on the net and check our river height (technology is great). Yesterday, hubby drove down to check the fences, which are about 2m underwater. Here are some photos of the flooded Maryland River. It doesn't look too bad until you realise the bridge is across a gully and sits about 5m above the ground!


Eleni Konstantine said...

Wow look at all that water. We had a wetter than normal winter for Adelaide. And cold too. Let's just hope the river level doesn't rise so you can get on and off your property! :)

Kylie Griffin said...

I hope everyone is safe and no one suffered stock loss.

I also hope there was no one silly enough to attempt any sort of crossing.

Last flood we had a local complacently cross a causeway so he could get home, thinking he could make it (he was in a tough as guts 4WD ute).

He didn't make it.

The force of the water, while only low, was strong enough to wash his ute off the causeway and once the wheels lifted it became a boat and was swept downstream.

Our SES unit ended up doing body retrieval. Sad and avoidable. Big message in that for anyone silly enough to try and cross ANY sort of flood water.

Fiona G said...

Hi Eleni and Kylie

Yep, look at all that water. It is well and truly above my head. When fixing the fence during first fence I was in ankle high water that was rushing - it nearly took me off my feet - never again. Kylie - you make a good point - never go into flood waters in a car if the road is covered. Hubby had to go 80km around because our road was cut further up by the Condamine overflow.

Everyone is safe round our place. Cows moved to another paddock (they're agisted and the farmer comes and gets them). River is now down to 1metre and we're heading down end of the week to assess the damage.

I heard the gum boot sellers are struggling to keep up with demand since the weather turned wet.


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