Friday, September 17, 2010

What we are reading...or waiting to read - Eleni

Sorry I have missed a What We Are Reading post. This is one with a difference.

Those who follow my blog know the huge, monstrous, Everest sized To Be Read pile that I have. You think with such a large TBR I would not buy any more books nor borrow any more from the library.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Can you tell that this has not happened?

While I'm cutting back on buying because of budget (oh to have a no limit spending allowance on books!!!), I still do buy books especially of series I have already started buying and those books by friends. And being in writing groups, I have quite a few buddies who have had their books published. Me - Yay!! (Wallet - oh no!)

However there are moments, where I do a big spending spree - and my two spending sprees were at the Romance Writers of Australia conference (which included the AARA author signing event) and AussieCon 4!! (Of course there are giveaways in these as well - woohoo!!)

Those who have read my posts on Eleni's Library have seen the photos but here are the two new piles of books to read....

Coogee books
AussieCon 4

So how are your TBR piles looking?


Anonymous said...

Is that it? Is that all ya' got on your TBR? LOL
They look like some fabulous books...let me know and I might add one or two to my (85 books strong) TBR pile!
By the way...the new look of the site is fabulous--well done web mistress!!! Dana

Fiona G said...


Your TBR pile is impressive. My Coogee pile is slightly smaller, but when added to the remains of my Brisbane conference pile (home conference, not flying) and the conference before that, I fear I have a problem. My TBR shelf (and yes I dedicate a whole shelf) is just about full and I'm going to have to get stuck in and start reading. Or stop buying. Not sure which....


Eleni Konstantine said...

I wish that was it Dana!!! Oh how I wish :)

85 books only -pttttt......I see your 85 and add OMG I don't want to think about it!!!! Oh and I have a virtual TBR pile as well!!!!


Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh how I wish I only had one shelf Fi. The problem is TBR books are among the read books. I think the unread outnumbers the read 2 to 1. Seriously and I have 2 and half bookcases and ones not in bookcases that would make 3 bookcases. So two bookcases then by that ratio!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL At least we'll have something for our know...someday--LOL!! Dana

Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh yes, I have a feeling my TBR pile will always be out of control. There are just too many books to read!!! Better more than not enough I say. Bring it on :))

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