Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All in the name of research

At Boot-i-Con I was lucky enough to brainstorm my next project - I won't say too much other than I need my hero and heroine trapped together in a very small vessel for a long voyage, and they will spend a lot of time tripping over each other.

So I've been hitting the local library and raiding their caravan, motorhome and boat magazines - full of glossy spreads detailing some of the most fabulous equipment to be had. Each review has a "I would have liked" section, and as I read I'm jotting these down. Already my vessel is taking shape - yes there are two seats but every time you sit in one of them, you hit your head when you stand up again. Or perhaps there's no power outlets in the lounge/dining nook to plug in things like laptops, and the kitchen sink doesn't have a splash guard so the bed gets wet if you're a messy kitchen hand. The possibilities are endless.

This research has had some additional benefits. Our library is in a big shopping centre, so I've already picked up some bored retireees hanging round the library while their wives shop, all willing to share their caravanning stories when they see my reading list. Next on my list is a trip to a caravan yard so I can pick up some brochures. Hubby is looking increasingly worried about my new interest, and having seen the prices of some of the luxury rigs, I can see why.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Go the research Fiona! Love how the bored retirees are reliving their caravanning stories for you. I love the 'I would have liked' tales. Abit of fun for your characters no doubt :)

Fiona G said...

Eleni, I could look through these magazines all day. Have never felt the urge to hook up a caravan but now at least I understand the fascination. My current favourite is a man who spent $400000 to upgrade a bus and trailer and whose entire life is now inside it, travelling around Australia. In luxury. Oh, and the three bedroom, three bathroom luxury yacht with the spa.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Wow that's a lot of money to upgrade. Oh and I love the yachts and boats that are all luxury. Where can I sign up?

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