Monday, August 2, 2010

Latest Nikki Logan release

Nikki's latest release has hit....but it will only be released in the U.K. *sad face*. However you can order it in *happy face* (Book Depository is the coolest - FREE delivery!).

Back to Nikki's release. It is a novella called 'Seven-Day Love Story' in the anthology New Voices.
Jayne Morrow has moved far away from prying eyes, so when rugged Outback ranger Todd Blackwood strides onto her land, she won't let him into her heart.

This story has dogs in it, inspired by Bootcamper Rachel's furry I can't wait to get my copy! Did I tell you how much I love the Book Depository in the UK?

Yes, well being able to get Nikki's book is another reason.

Congrats Nikki.... and great cover!

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