Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mission Report: Melissa James

One of the great things about being a boot camper is that we have fantastic mentors. One of whom is the awesome Melissa James. Melissa's career is barrelling forward. Her latest releases for M&B are, One Small Miracle released downunder in May 2010. A Wish and a Wedding with the legendary Margaret Way, in July/August and The Sheik's Destiny in August/September 2010. Melissa has also found herself and agent to represent her in her mainstream work, her name, Eleanor Jackson of Markson Thoma. Melissa is thrilled to have her but I believe Eleanor is privileged to have Melissa. I'm sure it will be a long and industrious union. More good news for Melissa, is that from one page of a m/s, one page, she has THREE editors wanting to read the full. Megan Rocords of Kensington. Jessica Sebor of Bantam Dell and Margo Lipschutz of HQN. What a trio. Melissa, we wait along with you, with fingers crossed and hearts full of hope. Congratulations. Till next time, remember:


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