Monday, May 17, 2010

Bootcamper Data File: Annie Newton

This month, our Bootcamper Data File is with Anne, who has been selected to be part of the 5DI workshops in July. Congratulations Anne!!

Name: Anne Newton

Writes: futuristic and paranormal romance

Call sign: (ie nickname) Bridget (which I am never explaining!)

Current mood: euphoric at being chosen for RWA's 5 Day Intensive in July

Reading: Spymaster's Lady by Johanna Bourne

Inspiration: my fellow bootcampers, Jennifer Crusie and Joss Whedon

Web hang outs: hmm. Jennifer Crusie's site, Television Without Pity (can't recommend this website highly enough. especially if you enjoy sarcasm as much as I do. If you miss an episode of your favourite show, visit this site)

Favourite food when writing: sadly, chocolate. I am trying for smaller portions as the writing hours increase.

Music listening to: God, everything. Last night was Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve

Watching: Supernatural, if Ch10 would do the right thing and leave it ON!

inspiration for Annie - Supernatural's Jensen Ackles

Working on: Paranormal trilogy (book one almost complete)

Join us next month for another Data File.....

1 comment:

Eleni Konstantine said...

Annie - love the inspirational picture!!!

And have fun at 5DI

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