Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wild Weather

Was it something I said?

Recently I posted about how hard it was to write about my hero and heroine clinging to life (and each other) during a cold storm when its hot and sunny, and I think the God of Weather must have heard me complaining. Here in Queensland (the sunshine state) we've had bucketing rain and out west the rivers are flooding. Our dams went from 70% full to 90% full over a couple of days (yeah!). Adelaide had severe wind storms the same day as our big downpour and on Saturday Melbourne was ripped apart by a hail storm.

We drove out on Friday night to check our block of land, with its minor river going from 10cm to 2m in three days last week. To get there, we go up Cunningham's Gap, a treacherous piece of road linking the coastal plain with the mountains. It's the only piece of road I know with its own helicopter pad for accident retrievals. And having driven up on Friday night, now I know why.

Sheeting rain, heavy cloud, water cascading over the road and evidence of rock slides greeted us as we crawled along in almost zero visibility. Truly terrifying! Hubby and I were bolt upright, wound as tight as a spring all the way to the top. We would have stopped, but there's nowhere safe to stop once you start to climb.

It pelted down all weekend. Great writing weather, so I snuggled up in warm clothes and wrote. From crunchy grass three months ago, our soil is now so waterlogged the rain doesn't run away. Getting the car bogged was a real possibility. And keeping our young pup clean and dry proved impossible. Both car and pup needed a wash when we arrrived home.

This weekend is probably the scariest driving experience I've ever had (unless you include crossing the Hornibrook Bridge during Cyclone Tracey in 1974 with waves washing over the car - I was six and absolutely petrified.) What's the most terrifying weather you've ever driven in?


Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh yes, it must have been something you said :)

Wow, driving in that does sound truly terrifying. Glad you are all OK, and that pup seemed to have fun in the mud. I know, you had to clean up after but it would have been funny, no?

And to experience Cyclone Tracey. No wonder it has stuck in your mind.

Hmmm... I think I try and avoid driving if the weather is really bad. nothing springs to mind.

At least you have more of an understanding for your hero and heroine now Fi :))

Fiona G said...

At least it wasn't snowing, which sounds heaps worse. I haven't ever driven in snow, but stories of white outs and blizzards, and not even being able to see the road just make me shudder.

Anita Joy said...

Fi, I know that road and have driven it in rain - so can only imagine how horrific it would have been in those conditions.

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