Monday, March 15, 2010

Bootcamper Data File: Alison Leake

Welcome to our second Data File, the quick snippets of info on our Bootcampers.

Our Bootcamper this month is the contest blazing, Alison Leake.  Mark my words, she will be getting The Call soon - her work is just so wonderful.

Name: Alison Leake

Writes: Paranormal & Fantasy Historicals

Call Sign: Allie/Al

Current Mood: Tired

Reading: Kiss Me, Annabel - the second in the four book series about the Essex sisters by Eloise James

Inspiration: Dorothy Dunnett & Laura Kinsale for writing. My friend Roseanne in real life for her generous soul and fabulous, positive outlook on life. She always knows the right thing to say.

Web hang outs: Word Wenches, History Hoydens, Farmville *g*

Favourite food when writing: Wasabi Peas

Music listening to: Dire Straits

Watching: Black Adder (when I remember it's on)

Working on: A historical fantasy

Alison did forget to mention her inspiration for her dreamy Sebastian, Rupert Penry-Jones

Join us next month for another Data File......


Eleni Konstantine said...

I have to agree, your friend and mine, Roseanne is an inspiration. Go R!

I had been away from Facebook for ages, and then there's this Farmville thing there. Glad you enjoy hanging out there.

And Black Adder - have to pull out the DVDs to watch. Thanks Alison.

Anonymous said...

Alison your a great inspiration, but Wasabi Peas are foul!

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