Monday, September 7, 2009

Successful Mission Report - Conference & Alison Leake

Bootcampers 101 What a group we are. In August we attended the RWA conference in Brisbane. It wasn't all play. We applied ourselves to honing our skills by attending workshops and tutorials. And for a few of us who could stay a bit longer at camp booty, there was an afternoon of brainstorming.

At the conference some of our group put themselves out there and pitched to Agents and Editors from publishing houses. It was a fantastic experience for them. And a successful one.

Annie pitched to Knight Agency's Melissa Jeglinski and Clare Forster from Curtis Brown. Both ladies were impressed, the result being Annie was asked to send a synopsis and first three chapters to both.

Alison wowed Melissa from the Knight Agency who quickly snapped up Alison's synopsis and first three chapters.

Jacqueline also pitched to Melissa and was thrilled when asked for her synopsis and first three chapters to be sent.

Eleni pitched to Allen & Unwin, Annette Barlow and Harlequin's Mary-Theresa Hussey. Now, she's busy polishing a long synopsis and her first three chapters.

Nikki Logan, well her story is a tad different. She pitched herself to Mellissa Jeglinski with positive vibes being the result.

So, all the bootcampers who pitched received a request. Brilliant result for all their hard work. Now we wait. I'll keep you posted.

More news. The fabulous Alison who, earlier this year, won the FFS category of Windy City Four Seasons comp, and finaled in the FFS Golden Claddagh well, she was awarded 2nd Place for her entry. 2nd in the Golden Claddagh is a fabulous achievement. Yoohoo Alison, you are on your way to publication.

There's more news, but it's shhhh at the moment, so as soon as I get the go ahead, I’ll shout it from this blog.

Remember, Bootcampers Rock.

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Eleni Konstantine said...

Hooray for us Bootcampers. As you say Roseanne, we Rock!! :))

And Alison, you are on fire!!

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