Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clayton's Conference

Wow!  And let me say again, Wow!  Ether-attending the 2009 Claytons Conference was an amazing experience!

When I signed up for the Claytons, I hadn’t thought I’d get the same pre-conference jitters that I had attending my first face-to-face conference, but I did.  So many questions raced through my anxious mind…

’Would I know anyone or would I be the silent odd man out?’

‘Would I say the wrong thing and embarrass myself?’

‘Would I learn what I needed to lift my writing to the next level?’

But my fears were for naught!  Sandie, Rhianne, and Diane had it all covered!  I can’t say enough about the organizers!  These women planned, coordinated and ran a successful on-line conference!  Well done, ladies!

The pre-conference eloop helped ease my first fear…’would I know anyone’.  Turns out, I did know a few people—including Bootcamp’s own Neely.  The participants met on-line before the start of the conference and got to know one another.  The coordinators started discussions that pulled us all together, so by the time of the actual conference we felt like old friends! This went a long way to alleviating my second fear…’would I say the wrong thing and embarrass myself.’  With these ladies—and one gentleman—I felt comfortable exploring topics and even making mistakes!

When it came time for the conference to begin, I was astounded at the quality of presenters!  Wow!  My fear that I wouldn’t learn anything to lift my writing was simply nonsensical!  I’ve learned heaps!  I’m still trying to process it all!  Thank you presenters and participants!

But the conference highlights didn’t end there…a few days after the Claytons I was surprised to find in my mailbox a huge parcel of Claytons Conference goodies!!!  And goodies they were!!!    Wow!  And double Wow!

So, next year for those who can’t make the face-to-face conference…sign up for the Claytons!  You’ll meet lots of fabulous romance writers in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and learn heaps!!!

~ Bootcamper Dana


Eleni Konstantine said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time Dana. Thanks for sharing, and having been to 3 Claytons in the past, I highly recommend them too!

Anonymous said...

Go Bootcamp Claytoners! We rock!!! Dana

Anonymous said...

Great post Dana. Kind of makes me wish I could have been in two places at once. Isn't it fabulous that there are wonderful people like Sandie Dianne and Rhian in RWA to do things like this?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! They were and are fantastic! Dana

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