Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Romance Writers of Australia Conference!!

Most Bootcampers were able to go to RWAustralia conference in Melbourne. And there was good news to be had - Rachel winning the Lynne Wilding Meritorious Award, and Hannah, Jacqueline and Dana all receiving requests for their manuscripts!! Yay!!

Here are a couple of snapshots of the Bootcampers in action! Smiles all around...

At the Costume Ball - One Enchanted Century.....
(From Left to Right - Jacqueline, Dana, Alison, Hannah (front), Rachel, Tracey)

And below a fantastic circle shot of the lovely ladies.

(From Left to Right - Tracey, Jacqueline, Alison, Rachel, Hannah, Janine, Dana)

Those of us who couldn't be there in person, were with the ladies in spirit......
~ Eleni

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Dana said...

What a fabulous and great looking bunch of women!

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