Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Little Black Book

My face to face writing group decided earlier this year to explore their creativity and one of the projects that's really captured my imagination is The Little Black Book.

No-one talks about "The Book". It is handed to the next person on the list at the start of each meeting. Longing looks are directed at it by its new custodian before it disappears into her bag, to be devoured the minute she walks in the door from face to face.

So what's inside? A round robin long short story, or short novella. Each writer must add another four pages to the story (plus any artwork they like), before passing it onto the next writer two weeks later. There are brief character bios in the back, but other than that it can go in any direction you want to take it.

The last time I had the book I turned a minor character into a major player, introduced a crooked cop to the story and gave one of the heroines an unusual cosmetic procedure. I can't wait to see how that story turned out. I'm anxiously awaiting my second round. I'm totally in the dark about this story but I did catch a glimpse of a pink feather as the book was handed across the table. Flamencos? Fairies? Melbourne Cup hats?

Oooohhh the suspense!


Danielle Ferries said...

Yes, the little black book is a thing to behold and I have it in my hot little hands. Oh, the possibilities :)

Fiona G said...


Is it good. Please, please give me something great to work with. I am so looking forward to getting it from you.


Eleni Konstantine said...

That is a great idea and would be such fun.

anna said...
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