Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I live within walking distance of a Westfield Shopping Centre and we're getting to the point of the year where its actually quicker to walk over than to drive and find a park. Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year.

We've always had "family rules" around Christmas. Only thinking toys or experiences for the children - I really love a little store called Mind Games for their selections of games, jigsaws, mazes and puzzle books. And about five years ago we vowed (after a particularly harrowing carparking experience) not to visit Westfield in December or January. This prompted the rule of having Christmas shopping done by 30th November, a goal I am not going to meet this year.

Two years ago we added "not buying anything marketed in Christmas packaging". So no tins of shortbread or stockings filled with lollies. If I want fruit mince pies, I have to actually bake them.

This year we're going to do Christmas differently again. We're only purchasing Christmas gifts from independent retailers - nothing from major chain stores or shopping centres. Difficult? Not really. Brisbane is blessed with plenty of markets, City Hall runs a fabulous Charity Christmas Card Shop, the RSPCA has a pet barn at Springwood and there are plenty of independent booksellers so everyone will have their reading fix. I recommend Rosemary's Romance Bookstore in the city and Pulp Fiction if you're buying for non-romance lovers. And if you're looking for an extra special gift for a romance lover, you can't go past Romance by You , a personalised romance novel starring your romance lover and her partner, pets, friends and colleagues.

I had better get my skates on. It's just over a month until the big day...


Anita Joy said...

Fi, I used to visit Pulp Fiction every day when I worked across the road from them. Excellent bookshop.

I'm with you about our shared Westfield. I've managed to finish my shopping (on the weekend) so will try not to darken its doorstop again until the madness ends.

Good luck with your shopping.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Eeeek - I don't even want to think about Christmas. I've just recovered from some family birthdays. Honestly, the pause button isn't working. :)

Fiona G said...

Hey Anita

I'm thinking Stones Corner or Oxford Street rather than the shared Westfield - what do you think? Although I will need a trip to town to visit Pulp Fiction and Rosemary's.

And Eleni, sorry, but the freight train is rolling into the station..... I don't know your home town well enough to know where the "shopping village" still exists. Think cute independent retailers, coffee shops, boutiques and on street parking and that's where you are heading.

Anita Joy said...

Stones Corner isn't as good as it used to be (suffered under DFO). But definitely Oxford St.

There are the markets too, eg Manly markets on a Sunday.

Fiona G said...


You star. I hadn't thought of the Manly Markets. Good plan. And maybe a quick trip to Cleveland...


Danielle Ferries said...

Fi, try the Chandler markets as well.

I have to admit I'm a sucker for Christmas shopping. I love getting to the shops early in the morning, getting a good park and spending the day shopping for presents, getting caught up in the hype listening to the Christmas carols playing in some of the shops. So if you do go to your local Westfield which, incidentally, is soon to be my local Westfield, you'll probably see me there :)

Fiona G said...


Welcome to the "good" side of town. And yes, Chandler markets is a must. They have plenty of jewellery and artwork. Anyone who's read my short story about the artist at the markets, it was prompted by an early morning visit to Chandler.


anna said...
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