Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ideas, Ideas

I've decided if I could write as fast as I collect ideas, I'd be a really prolific writer. I've got hundreds of photos and articles in my idea folders, and just recently I decided to try and sort them.

First up were the photos collected from magazines. Hundreds of potential heroines and heros, with a definite bias towards brunettes of both sexes. The majority of my characters are in the great outdoors, and a lot of the men are in denim. Plenty of inspiration there.

In the ideas folder there's articles on
  • deaf dalmations,
  • cycleways on disused rail corridors,
  • a recent legal battle over a historic house smack bang in the middle of a local redevelopment,
  • storm chasers,
  • a school that travels with the agricultural show circuit, teaching the show children and
  • a fascinating article on death and dying that I have no idea how to incorporate into a romance, but I can't throw out.
Unexpected highlights included the two page spread detailing Johnny Depp's movie career in photos (sadly no 21 Jump Street photo) and enough information on space to fill the Starship Enterprise.

I spent an afternoon and sorted this treasure trove into folders to make finding my carefully collected photos and ideas a little bit easier. Now my head is full of stories clamouring to be written.

Where should I start?


Danielle Ferries said...

Oh please Fi come to my house and sort out the mountain of papers into some sort of sane order :)

Fiona G said...


If only I could. It has taken me months to get myself out of the mess I was in. Most of those photos and ideas I didn't even know I had.


Danielle Ferries said...

And here I was thinking I might knock it over in one afternoon. Dreaming.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Wow, you are really on fire with your sorting. I know what you mean about ideas. It's the turning them as you said into the stories.

They all sound wonderful, though I'm really intrigued with the storm chaser one. :))

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