Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boot-i-Con 2010

It's been a bit quiet round here lately. Some of the Bootcampers attended the RWA conference in Sydney, followed by a three day writing retreat - Boot-i-Con 2010 in the NSW Southern Highlands. The conference was fabulous - sorry I don't have photos but I'm sure they'll start coming through any time soon.

Boot-i-Con was the perfect end to my week away - I roomed with Anne, who may actually be a twin (separated at birth of course). Our late night giggly conversations interrupted everyone else's sleep, but Bootcampers are a polite group, and no-one mentioned our midnight chats.

As well as writing techniques and ideas, I learned some new skills:
  • How to identify a wombat scat and wombat trails - unfortunately this did not lead to a wombat sighting despite several late night expeditions.
  • How to light and manage a fireplace - not a skill we need very often in Queensland
  • How to cook on a wood-fired stove. (And boy is having a continual supply of boiling water in the kettle a great thing for a writer)
  • How to pack an extra 7kg of books, gifts, writing supplies and chocolate into a suitcase that was pretty full to start with.
A big thanks to Jacqui for hosting us, to Dana for baking for us (those Snickerdoodles are to die for) and everyone else for making our 3 days away exceptional.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Fiona, thanks for the roundup. I have great memories of the whole week and Boot-i-Con and the brainstorming was a great way to round it off. Thanks Bootcampers!! You all rock!!!!

Fiona G said...

Hey Eleni, it was great wasn't it. I can't wait to be reading everyone's new stories.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Yes, we can say...I remember when we brainstormed this story... :))

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