Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What are you doing?

This past weekend was spent out at our "block of dirt" out in the bush, where we are working hard to clear the fences after years of neglect by the previous owners. Usually its a pretty solitary work environment, but this time we had supervisors.

Plenty of supervisors.

All asking the same question. What are you doing?

Next door's cattle discovered us and a procession of interested faces stared at us from over the fence. First the teenagers, who got bored really quickly and moved on. Then came the meaty looking bull (I kept dreaming of roast...), followed by a very contented looking cow and tiny calf.

Once they discovered we were no threat, Mr Bull took watch while the calf fed and then both mum and calf lay down. Then two more calves appeared out of the scrub. They were a bit older, and obviously motherless. Mrs Cow checked her calf, then said "come on, there's room for a few more" and seconds later she had them both lying down and was grooming them. Mr Bull kept watch for danger, never taking his eyes off us, letting the rest of them nap or chew their cuds.

Fascinating watching, and immediately I was thinking of romance plots. She's a real earth mother, with plenty of love to give. He's less trusting and always on the lookout, perhaps ex-military. There are two motherless children to protect. The possibilities kept me thinking all day as I cut, cleared and hauled.

We didn't have the camera with us, otherwise I'd have given you a glimpse of the "cattle" family as I like to think of them. But this photo shows exactly the scrutiny we've been under.

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Eleni Konstantine said...

Love the inspiration you got from the cows Fiona. At least you had some distraction while fence mending! :)

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