Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Planet Far, Far Away

It's pretty well known that I like my sci-fi romance, and when I saw this photo, my immediate thought was "What planet is this?" The ominous sky, the bleak landscape and the hint of impending doom called to the author in my soul. I see a quest to the distant pyramid (ok, so its a mountain), and the most dangerous part of the journey is crossing this cold, exposed plain (ok, so its a beach). They won't get across undetected. There'll be a chase, and my team will be running for their lives, pursued by the planet's inhabitants. The near death experience will bring the team closer together, especially the commander and his second in command, who've spent the whole mission trying to ignore the attraction they feel for one another.

All this from one photo. I can't wait to explore this story further.

So tell me, what story do you see in this picture?


Danielle Ferries said...

Zombie apocalypse is the first thing that comes to mind - it's a before shot and seconds after the photo was taken they all start rising out of the ocean, which is just to the left of the shot :)

Not original but my head is full of a cold today. Your story sounds very interesting and I'm looking forward to something coming out of it.

Cool photo too :)

Fiona G said...


What can I say. The photographer is excellent. She loved art at school, and says she is a mediocre artist, but I think she is an expert.

And Zombie apocalypse sounds exactly right.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh that's a great picture and interpretation Fi - hope you write that story.

Danielle - love a zombie apocalypse.

I saw a combination of the two - another world after an apocalypse, at the point where life begins again.

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