Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Queenslander.... Perhaps

Anyone on the eastern seaboard will be watching the State of Origin Rugby League match tonight, and divided by the huge rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales. I was born north of the border and have lived here all my life, so wearing the maroon should be a no brainer.

Except... My parents are both from NSW, my aunties, uncles and cousins all live in NSW, the farm is in NSW. If I wear QLD colours down there, I'll be lynched (or worse, have to listen to their gloating if the Blues win).

The clever people at the border crossing towns of Wallangarra/Jennings have come up with a clever solution for people like me. The pattern above is the pattern on my "yet to arrive" footy jersey (I would have taken a photo, but it hasn't arrived....). Hubby is getting the second one. Guaranteed not to upset the staunchest of footy supporters - these jerseys come in a range of different half/half patterns and can even be screen printed with the State of Origin mascots - the cane toad and the cockroach.

It's a best of three, so hopefully the jersey will be here for the next game. Fingers crossed.

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Eleni Konstantine said...

Seriously those are the State of Origin mascots? LOL!!

I do like the idea. Hard when loyalties lie with both camps. I like the top one the best.

Go the Blues and Maroons - OK, yes I know, I know, I probably have the wrong terminology but there's no rugby here. Footy here in SA means, Aussie Rules.

Though we do have Football in the form of the A-League. You can't call soccer, Footy, just seems so wrong. But it definitely is Football - the world game.

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