Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mission Report

It seems like ages since I've contributed to the blog, thought it high time I make another appearance. Well, we're still waiting for Alison results from her last competition final, seems to be taking forever, but as soon as I hear, you'll all hear.

Nikki Logan has sold her latest ms to Mills & Boon, it's still untitled, but it's fantastic to know that Nikki is still working her magic. In June Nikki's release titled Their Newborn Gift will be released in US/UK, hopefully it will be in Australia's books shops not long after. Can't wait.
Seven Day Love Story (part of the "New Voices Anthology') is being released in September but only in the UK. I'm sure we'll be able to purchase a copy somewhere. The Soldiers Untamed Heart is due for release in the UK in October this year.

Tracey progressed to the 2nd round of the Emerald but this year, didn't reach the finals. Tracey is a wonderful, dedicated writer. She will keep working to elevate herself onto the list of published authors. Whoever signs her up will be happy they did.

I have some other news, but I'll have to check with the author and make sure I have permission to tell. Till next time. Remember.

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