Monday, February 15, 2010

Bootcamper Data File: Nikki Logan

Welcome to our very first Data File. Where we just have quick snippet of info each month on one of our Bootcampers. 

We start this month with Ms Nikki Logan, Harlequin Romance Author. Nikki's Debut book 'Lights, Camera...Kiss the Boss' has been released in the US and UK, and is available for edownload at the eharlequin site (go green!).

Next month, her book will be hitting the Australian and New Zealand Shelves.

Name: Nikki Logan

Writes: Harlequin Romance/Sweet/Tender

Current mood: sleepy after staying up late watching winter Olympics

Reading: JR Ward's 'Covet' and Denise Rossetti's 'Thief of Light'

Inspiration: nature, the world around us

Web hang outs: ; LoveCats Downunder Blog

Twitter name: @ReadNikkiLogan

Favourite food when writing: anything's terrible!!

Music listening to: ClassicFM (no ads, relaxing music, get to work unstressed)

Join us next month for another Data File. 


Shayne said...

Hi Nikki,
Salt is me! I can happily ignore a block of chocolate in the cupboard, but I can't resist chips (chilli and soy), cornchips (cheesy) or anything doused in MSG. I avoid salty junky products when I do the weekly shop.

Can't wait to read the book.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh Nikki & Shayne, I'm with you on the salty food. In fact, I just had some chips not so long ago *sigh*

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