Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boosting our Creativity

I love challenging my creativity and pushing the barriers of my storytelling - a legacy of a crusty old writer who tutored me in a year long short story writing course. He didn't enjoy romance, and tried his hardest to have me write different genres. And that involved throwing challenges my way. I wrote stories based on single words, occupations, feelings - anything he came up with. Each story pushed me to my limits, but looking back it was worth it.

A few of the Bootcampers who crit for each other are enjoying a creativity exercise - we're making and swapping story starter envelopes. You're given a list of items and you need to find pictures of them. These are sealed into an envelope (the style of envelope is part of the creative challenge) and then its lucky dip time - you choose someone else's envelope and off you go. We started the challenge on Friday night. By Saturday, most of us had sealed our envelopes. I was so enthused, I made up a second one to swap with my online crit partner. We swap envelopes next week, and the goal is to write a 3000 word short story within a month, then submit it for publication.

I can hardly wait to see what my lucky dip envelope holds.


Anita Joy said...

Cool, that sounds like fun. Make sure you post on how it all goes (and what was in your envelope).

Fiona G said...


I am so looking forward to getting my envelope. The suspense is killing me.

Eleni Konstantine said...

A good exercise in using what's in front of you. Have fun!! and yes, I did get mine in the mail. Assignment first, writing second ATM. So soon I will give it the full attention it needs.

Fiona G said...

Eleni, unfortunately assignments first. So save the envelope for a day when nothing else is happening. Hope you like it.

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