Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mission Report - Alison, Nikki & Rachel

Hi, it's Roseanne with some more exciting news from the bootcamp 101. New year sparkled early for the ever impressive Alison. This awesome writer is on fire. Her happy new year was that she finaled in not one, but two competitions. Woohoo Alison. We're thrilled and excited for you. One of her fabulous entries (which will remain titleless) reached the finals in the Fantasy Paranormal section of the Emily, and is making its way to the final judges Chris Keesler of Dorchester and Laura (sorry can't remember her last name) an agent from Don Congolas Agency. Her other entry impressed the judges in the Linda Howard Award for Excellence, Unique Category, and is going to Heather Osborn for Tor Forge. Alison's writing is lyrical and emotional. Her characters distinctive and complex. Tap,Tap, what's that? Success knocking at her door. We wait for the results along with Alison.

February is almost here, with that, the long awaited arrival on Australia's bookshelves for Nikki Logan's, M&B sweet Romance Lights, Camera...Kiss the Boss. And Rachel Bailey's first release, Claiming his bought Bride, a Silhouette Desire Romance. So, as of Feb, I'll be at as many book stores, KMart, Target as I can get to and placing their books in the very front row. Congratulations. Nikki and Rachel, you are both as generous as you are talented. You offer advice and encouragement to all of us in Bootcamp and we thank you for it.

Till next time, remember,


Eleni Konstantine said...

Roseanne, great round up and isn't it great to watch our fellow Bootcampers do so well. Go Alison - I think The Call is very close for you.

And I'll be with you Roseanne in rearranging the bookshelves for our lovely duo Rachel & Nikki.

Bootcampers Rock indeed!

Fiona G said...

Hi Roseanne

I'm also planning some shelf rearranging at two shopping centres near me. The lady in charge of the KMart books doesn't love romance, but the Big W lady does. So I'll start with KMart.

And congratulations to Alison with her contest finals. I agree, The Call is very close.


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