Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boot-i-Con 2009

November 2009 has the Bootcampers attending a very different Boot-i-Con to last year. This year we're trialling online workshops, and running them every weekend for four weeks. At the end of November, we'll all graduate from the University for Online Boot-i-Con.

First cab off the rank of our speakers was the fabulous Annie, who workshopped the essentials of characterisation. We looked at all aspects of character development throughout the manuscript and learnt plenty of tips to make our characters leap off the page.

Next up, I talked Poisons and gave the Bootcampers ideas for doing away with those pesky villians.... in their works-in-progress of course. And I threw in a few common household accidents involving drugs and poisons to be on the lookout for. I don't think the Bootcampers will look at eucalyptus oil or redback spiders the same way every again.

A fast-paced and fabulous night's learning was had by all and the only thing missing was the post-lesson debrief - sharing the couch and nattering over drinks and DVDs late into the night.


Eleni Konstantine said...

I know I definitely won't be looking at those things in the same way again...well not like I liked looking at redbacks anyway. Usually that is followed by a shriek.

Yes, post lesson debrief would have been nice. Food, drinks, staring at some hunky male on a DVD - for the storyline of course :)

Thanks to you and Annie for a fab intro to BooticOnline!!!

Anita Joy said...

Sounds like a fab idea gals. Enjoy your month :o)

Fiona G said...

Hi Eleni, Hi Anita

Saturday again already. This week I'll be more prepared to kick back after the lesson - perhaps some chips and dip and a drink. Last week I was too exhausted.

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