Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mission Report - Eleni Konstantine & VP entrants

This post if for the fabulous Eleni Konstantine. Earlier in the year, Eleni came 3rd in specialised category of the Great Expectations of the North Texas Romance Writers of America competition. Her novel was read by Chris Keeler from Dorchester but her full ms wasn't requested. We at bootcamp were thrilled with her placing and know that she will succeed in her writing career. Eleni, you rock.

Alison, Jacqueline, Tracey, Fiona and myself entered the Valarie Parv competition run by RWA Australia this year. Although we didn't final, our scores were very impressive. We will move forward and focus on making our ms the best they can be. And next year, well there could be a few more bootcampers with their novels being requested. Remember Bootcampers Rock.

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Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks Roseanne and I love your saying 'Bootcampers Rock' and hey I've got to love the 'Eleni, you rock'. LOL! Well we do, don't we ;)

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