Friday, July 31, 2009

Peddling Poisons and Dealing Drugs

The RWA conference in August is fast approaching and I'll be taking the writers attending my session "Peddling Poisons and Dealing Drugs" on a tour around the pharmacopoeia, focusing on some of the more interesting situations I've encountered in my career.

We'll be talking about common mistakes adults make that result in poisoning (or why you shouldn't store the cough medicine next to the eucalyptus oil), exploring a fictional house to see what good poisons are lying around, and discovering how difficult it can be to successfully poison someone in a book and have your villain get away with it.

Then its on to drugs - ones that make you sleepwalk, ones that help your love life, and ones the drug companies discovered almost by accident. We'll look briefly at the history of drugs and the future of drugs and how to include drugs in your work of fiction.

Then there's the touch table - I'm putting together a few old books, bottles and other bits and pieces to fire the imaginations of everyone in the room.

Two weeks to go. I can hardly wait.



Eleni Konstantine said...

Fi, sounds like it's going to be a fantastic tutorial session. Such a catchy title!! And love the idea of a fictional house. Good luck!!!

Alison said...

It's great to see RWA benefiting from the wide ranging knowledge of its members. What a wonderful and unique tutorial. Nice work, Fi. You'll do great.

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