Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What we write..... Neely and Fiona

Continuing the 'What We Write' blog entries with a fabulous new members, Neely and Fiona. So glad to have you on board.

Neely Lyon

I’m Neely Lyon and I grew up in isolated circumstances, so for years books were my best friends.

 As I grew I excelled at writing essays, but somehow I ended up in the sciences, where fiction is frowned on and fact –demonstrable fact—is king. Over the years I wrote clinically, academically and politically, but never, ever, not once fictionally. I read voraciously though, across all the genres, but particularly sci fi, fantasy, romance, and mysteries. Do you see a pattern here?

 I never scribbled stories; I never detected an enormous drive and passion to write in myself; I never considered myself to be a potential writer of fiction. When I finally found out through a friend that you could learn to write fiction, that you didn’t have to be born knowing how, I dived in. I discovered a source of pure pleasure in converting ‘what would happen if’…into “Once upon a time”…

 I am still a raw beginner, but I’ve written most of a novel, set in the Kimberleys in Western Australia, and a couple of short stories, one a romance, the other a fantasy/sci fi mix. I’m not likely to be published for a long while, if ever, but I’m enjoying the journey so much, I don’t much care about where or when I arrive.

Fiona Gregory

Fiona Gregory writes futuristic romance, exploring the far reaches of the universe one world at a time.  After years of watching her television heroes travel through space and time in Star Trek, Stargate and Battlestar Galactica, Fiona dreamed up a new intergalactic reality and started writing. Steaming up the pages of her current novel is a heroine forced to live a double life working for the Underground and the man she loves, a dedicated Security Forces Soldier.  

When she’s taking a break from telling their story, Fiona writes romantic short stories.   


Monique Wood said...

Hey Neely and Fi! Best of luck with your writing, ladies!

:-) Mon

Anita Joy said...

Hi Neely and Fi, hope all is going well and the words are flowing. Stay in touch with the rest of us 109ers :o)

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