Thursday, February 26, 2009

Writing friends

There is something about being friends with writers - they get that characters talk to you. They don't think 'back away from the crazy woman'. 

We share our triumphs and our disappointments, and most important our passion for writing. We help each-other with plot points, GMCs, character development, critiques, and any thing comes up that is to do with our stories.

And we always give a encouraging word. 

This business is a tough gig, so it's great to have friends who understand whole-heartedly.  And that's why I'm happy to be part of the 101ers. 



Nikki Logan said...

LOL, Eleni. Except for the blonde thing (and the age thing) that little girl third from the right would be me. Look how she's kind of going "um... you guys are nuts".


Love the new look, very slick.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Hey - are you saying that only WE are nuts, Ms Logan?!!! Hmmm.... ;))

Yeah, she cracked me up too - I thought that no matter how good friends you are with people, there is always, those moments when you think the rest of the world is nuts.... :)))

Glad you like the new look.

Dana said...

I'd be the one with long sleeves and know, just to be different...LOL Dana

Authorness said...

So true, Eleni! Who else would understand what it's like to have your characters carry on entire conversations in your head?

~ Vanessa

Monique Wood said...

You guys should create a story based on the photo. Come on!!!


Eleni Konstantine said...

LOL Dana - yep, you're the cool chick all right ;))

Vanessa - others just don't get it, do they? Well not to the same extent. Some readers might.

Mon - a story eh?! Hmmm.... now there's an idea :)

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