Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What our Bootcampers Write...Roseanne and Rachel

Roseanne Smiles

My name is Roseanne Smiles and I have this compulsion. It started when I witnessed a meeting between two men. Neither spoke, just communicated with a nod, and a parcel changed hand. Oh my goodness, a drug deal. I wondered if they were being monitored by the cops. I wondered where they got the stuff. I wondered how many people are in the cartel. Then I wondered what if? That was me, hooked. I’ve been writing intrigue since. To make it more interesting I weave the plot around a romance with an independent, strong heroine and a hero who’s her equal, in every way that counts. My name is Roseanne Smiles and I am a writer. 

Roseanne hard at work at Boot-i-Con 
(A drink in one hand, writing in the other, what more can a writer want ;) ~Eleni)

Rachel Bailey

Rachel Bailey writes for Silhouette Desire. Her first book, His Convenient Marriage of Revenge (title tbc) will be out in February 2010. She loves writing about strong heroines and heroes that make her sigh. Favourite things, like chocolate, art and wine have a way of sneaking into her stories. She blogs at Desirabelles with other down under Desire authors and has a website coming soon at www.rachelbailey.com. 

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