Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Our Bootcampers write.... Alison and Jacqueline


Alison Leake writes paranormal historical romance. She loves the distance of history, the magic of paranormal and the freedom of the fantasy worlds she creates. She likes big juicy plots, heroes with dark tormented souls and heroines with soft hearts made just for her heroes. Her current hero is a vampire who would sell his soul, if he had one, to be as human  as the girl he loves. And he just happens to look a lot like this gorgeous fellow *g*

Source: BBC Three


Jacqueline started writing plays as a kid and she and her friends acted them out on the homestead verandah. Later, writing poetry released emotion and temporarily satisfied the muse. A serious writing apprenticeship commenced with joining the Romance Writers of Australia Inc. She writes category romance and has received positive comments on submissions, one request for full manuscript (turned down) and has several manuscripts in the pipeline. She also writes mainstream and has a First World War manuscript, fiction based on fact, being assessed by an agent. This was the one requested at the last RWA Conference. Jacqueline also has a portfolio of War poems and others in her personal collection. 

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Eleni Konstantine said...

*sigh* Sebastian, Alison's hero is very yummy.

Jacqueline - Good luck with the agent!

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