Thursday, October 30, 2008

What our Bootcampers write.... Hannah and Eleni

Hannah Wride
Hannah's romance with nature goes back years. First as a hobby, then as a career. She now races home from work to write captivating stories full of romance and wildlife in descriptive natural environments. Hannah's fictional stories are woven around real places and wildlife projects and are deeply researched before her human characters set foot in them. Those characters have rich lives, passionate loves, and gut-wrenching losses. 

Hannah considers that the risks, intensity and rewards of romance are perfectly reflected in the rich, dangerous and spectacular elements of 'the wild'. She's been toying around with different sub-genres but the natural element is common in all three of her books to date. You can learn more about them at Hannah's website - A Romance with Nature  

Eleni Konstantine
Eleni's love of fantasy goes back to her childhood with fairy tales and greek myths sparking her imagination. But that wasn't all - cartoons and TV were also a big part of her life. Influenced by all these, she has created fantasy worlds which are in various stages of the writing process. Focusing mainly on quest fantasy, she has strong female protagonists fighting for causes they believe in. She also has a couple of books that have a character from our world stumbling across into another, and a paranormal romance fiction which is in an alternative contemporary world. And many more ideas that are waiting in the wings - not so patiently ;-)

You can find out a little more about Eleni at her website.


Anonymous said...

Hannah and Eleni,
I'm looking forward to reading more about what's happening with your writing.
Hannah's 'gut-wrenching' losses and sensual writing pull me in and keep me enthralled!
Eleni's strong heroines and rich 'other-world' detail promise a fantastic ride and she never fails to deliver that promise to her readers!
Thanks again,ladies!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks Dana for your kind words.

I agree about Hannah's writing - she's just keeps me enthralled in her work.

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