Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So what do the Bootcampers DO?

Support, support, support! Did I mention support? *grin*

Our love of writing and story telling banded us together. Who could have predicted that when we signed up for the Bootcamp? I didn't.

Since then we continue to keep contact using our group email, have a book-in-a-week challenge every month, chat in our Bootcamp cyber-room every couple of weeks, and have done a whole day online workshop on plotting. And of course, there's the support... *grin*

It's also a group run by its members. We have various 'mums' undertaking different aspects. Let's see we have:
  • Rachel as our Founding mum - the Bootcamp was her idea.
  • Hannah and Eleni as the Group list mums
  • Janine as the BIAW mum
  • Dana as the Chat mum
  • Roseanne as the Publicity mum (updates our Successful Missions section)
  • Anne as our Workshop mum
  • Jacqueline as Library mum
  • Eleni as Blog mum
  • Alison who has been the Chat/Workshop Transcript mum lately :)
We have become a tight knit group of friends. And I tell you, it doesn't get any better than that!

Eleni :)

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